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Amazing results!

In January I started using SmoothSkin Gold, now (April) I am really starting to see results. The device is quick and easy to use and there is only slight discomfort, in some places. At the moment I only need to shave my legs once a week but I am hoping in the near future my legs will be silky smooth. For a more in-depth review see my blog post:

Yazmine Choudry - 22

Great customer service and the product works!

Product worked great for me, I have medium tanned skin and quite dark but fine hair. After three months my device had a fault, but was quickly resolved by Abby in customer service who arrange collection of the old device and shipped me out a new one the very next day! She was brilliant!

Aveena Chohan - 34

Very effective

I’ve only been using it for 4 weeks so far but I’m really pleased with the results. My hair growth is definitely a lot finer and not as thick on my legs and I’m only 4 weeks into using it. At first it was slightly uncomfortable to use but I’m now used to it and don’t really notice it . I can only comment as of now but I’m really confident that it will be totally effective on my hair removal.. I’d definitely recommend it ..Love it

Joanne rowley - 46

Quick Results

I have only been using the Smoothskin Gold for four weeks now but am already seeing great results! Hair growth has dramatically slowed down and in some places has stopped altogether. I have pale skin and dark hair so the products is ideal for me. Very quick and simple to use......I wish I had found this long ago! I noticed a difference from first use so I expect to see a huge difference by time I have completed the recommended 12 week initial programme. Thank you Smoothskin!

Maire Mulholland - 47

Good so far...

I've been using the Smoothskin for a few weeks now and I'm not seeing any immediate changes but I am being patient and I will update as I go!

Yazmine - 22

Week 5!

Week 5 and all I can say is eeek! I’m starting to see results, like, REAL results! I’ve always needed to shave everyday, especially my underarms, in fact it’s not unusual to find me shaving them morning and evening in the summer. Maybe I’m a teensy bit ocd about it, I HATE stubble but this is game changing, life changing stuff I’m now experiencing. I can now go 3 days easily between shaves, and what growth there is is becoming much finer and patchy. I am properly excited about what the next few weeks will bring. Watch this space!

Amanda - 35

Great results - just keep at it!

I have used smoothskin gold religiously once a week for 12 weeks and I love it! Hair growth is noticeably less on my legs, underarms and bikini. I'm so glad I gave it a go. I'm converted! I only have to shave my underarms once a week before I do my smoothskin now. Hair on my legs is so patchy it's hardly noticeable. Wish I started this years ago.

Kirsty - 23


Had for one year now and it's transformed my life. Underarm hair has been a struggle. Though the hair never completely disappeared, I can now go every 2-3 days instead of daily. My lip hair has seriously reduced. No more spots left from waxing. Haven't touched my bikini line in 10 months. I always waxed but had patches. Now I'm tidy all the time. Legs took the longest to see the difference. Was nearly 3 month of weekly treatments to see the difference but it finally happened. I hated the weeks leading up to a wax appointment. I have fairing skin with dark hair. So the summer months were a series of covering up til waxed then cover again. Recently went away fir two weeks and never thought about my legs once. They still need a shave once in a while but they are smooth all the time. No more stubble within hours of shaving. Love it!!

Marie - 34


I thought long and hard before I purchased this device as I have owned a couple of others. I picked this one due to the speed and ease of use and am thrilled with the results so far, as is my husband! :-)

Susannah Fletcher - 45

It is great!

I‘ve bought the smoothskin gold for 2 weeks. Just follow the instructions and my body hair is less than before now. It still grow but it is softer and easy to pull out. Can't wait to see the change.

Cynthia - 33

2 Years On

I bought my Smooth Skin Gold in March 2015 and it's been worth every penny ! What you have to realise is this is not a quick process, yes you do see results very quickly but you have to maintain those results. I bought the Smooth Skin Gold mainly for my facial hair which was ruining my life. Now I am a different person, much happier and more confident. I still use my Smooth Skin Gold once a month and yes I still get the odd stubborn black hair that wont give in but WOW what a difference from when I first started.

Marina Toomey - 50


My fiance bought me the Smoothskin Gold as an unexpected Christmas present. I was very happy to get it and I am so happy with the results. I followed the instructions and used it once a week for the 12 weeks as it advised. I must say I have never had IPL laser treatment before so I can't compare it but I am over the moon with the results. I am half maltese so have very dark hair, my legs were especially bad, the first week I shaved my legs and proceeded to "zap" them, some areas i found quite sensitive to the beam and I would feel a little discomfort, but I found the harder you press the better it is. It is very simple to use and takes very little time. I signed up to the smoothskin email also which helped as a reminder, Week 2 I repeated the process, some areas, like my shin and knees are harder to maintain contact as they are quite angular. Even on week 2 I did start to notice a difference, the hair grew back slower and finer. Usually, if I want to have hair free legs I would have to shave them everyday (twice a day if i wanted smooth legs) I have just reached week 12 and am so excited to say I have minimal regrowth, my legs feel so smooth all the time!! There are a few patches where there is growth but I think that is due to operator error rather than the machine. I also treated my upper lip, bikini and underarm hair with the same excellent results. I highly recommend and have done so already to my friends.

Nicola Frith - 38

A well designed and ergonomic success

The sleek and stylish SmoothSkin Gold is light to hold as it is mains powered - no heavy internal battery to recharge. That fact has several additional positive points: 1. It's ready to use when you need it - not in 4 hours time when the battery has recharged. 2. It wont go flat midway through a session. 3. Most importantly of all no battery to fail rendering the device useless. This happened to me with another very well known brand. So yes - this is my 2nd IPL device. I know the technology works hence wanting to resume my quest for a smooth-as-silk body. I used my previous brand device ad-hoc over a year or so and enjoyed much reduced hair growth. When the battery failed (grr) I researched and found SmoothSkin to have the perfect replacement. I did a total body sprucing once a week for 4 weeks, which was under an hour per session. My previous rechargeable brand would go flat after doing just chest and tummy. The SmoothSkin is such a time saver! Back to the point - after 4 weekly sessions I have no stubble anywhere after 7 days. I waited 5 weeks before posting this review. If you are new to IPL it may take you longer than 4 weeks to get to this point, but not as long as I did with my frustrating rechargeable device that spent more time recharging than actually being used for its purpose. The auto-intensity works very well and best results (strongest intensity) are had when you are fresh and dry from a shower and the light sensors on the device are kept clean. Shave the area to be treated else stubble will get zapped and you'll notice the scent of burnt hair - a waste of light which should have got to the roots. I love the ergonomics. The angled handle means I can do my back. A slight contortion but not uncomfortably so and I'm really looking forward to not shaving my back anymore - which is an uncomfortable contortion! I suggest getting as much IPL done in the winter months when we're paler and more IPL gets to those roots. Hit the beach in the summer with a smooth bod and tan up! I purchased Gold, not the "For Men" version, and it works brilliantly. To cut to the chase; SmoothSkin Gold is an excellent design, has great ergonomics, lightweight, ready for action at the flick of a switch (no recharging!), no messy gels needed, and it works! I'm neck to toe hair free for 7+ days now after just 4 weekly full body sessions. What a joy it is to go to bed smooth and wake up smooth! Except for my face (I'm a bloke) which is now receiving the full attention of this fantastic device. I'm going to turn the recommendation dial up to 11. The cost works out under £1/day - a small price to pay for that sensuous smooth sensation.

Ed - 45

It Really Works

I have been using it now for 3mths and its a pleasure not to have to wax or shave ever anymore, its easy to use and very effective, Thumbs up from me!

Sandie Andrews - 59

Best product for me.

I can honestly say that this is the best hair control product I have ever used. I have tanned Caucasian colouring and since adulthood I have been troubled by dark, fast-growing hairs on my legs. They grow along under the skin before emerging, which means that depilatory creams and shaving only remove hairs above the skin surface for a day, two at the very most. Waxing was no use, as you have to have some hair growth to use wax and it is painful. Smoothskin has definitely reduced growth to a great extent and I am delighted. While using it, I wear sunglasses to reduce the glare. It is not painful on the legs, although I am a bit sensitive on the bikini area, where I have always found depilatory creams satisfactory. If you have strong hair growth on the legs, do not hesitate to buy Skinsmooth, it is worth every penny.

Pauline Bedson - 71

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